I found this sign in my building.


Well, 20 days past after the earthquake in Japan. My families and friends are all right.  It was very hard to separate myself even being in US. I was glued to the Japanese television through the internet.  It was great to get that kind of feeds, which was not imaginable 5 years ago. The Skype has been  great  as seeing the face made so much easier to understand the magnitude of the event.

I was particularly interested in getting the information of the nuclear plants since the day 1, that was main concerns directly to Tokyo.  I have been following the news conference by  Tokyo Electric.  The last couple days, it is getting very obvious that they have no idea what is going on as they have no working tool to monitor, and the radiation is getting too server to bring the people into the critical area for stabilizing the reactor, (fixing the cooling system, which was damaged by the tsunami), or fly a helicopter over the reactor building.  The last line of the defenses (three layer of containment vessel) are breached, and leaking the radioactive materials in air, sea and underground. Only things they can now is to pump the water into the reactor to maintain the current temperature and pressure from raising higher, therefore not explode , and cool the reactor core gradually for next several months(?) to stabilize temperature, while leaking these pumped water as the circulation system is not working.  Very bad, indeed.  Complete lack of preparedness for the worst case scenario.  In the case of  the BP’s gulf oil spill, they worked several angles to solve the leak at the time, and they at least showed that they knew  what’s going on.  I did not see that kinds of approach here.  Last 20 days, they put everything to one resource,  hit a bump, then think something .  During the news conference, some reporter pointed out this is a repeat of the Imperial (military)  Headquarter announcement.  During the world ware II, every news started, the Imperial (military)  Headquarter announced today, that we are wining everywhere, even  after the  Hiroshima, meaning they lied to the teeth.  I just cannot believe this level of company operates  the nuclear plants. There are 55 of them in Japan.

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