1000lb gone

Just realized I have 2 months to the Kenan Center.  Two months sound a lot, but not. I can fire the kiln once a week with couple bisque firings, and need four glaze firings to getting ready for first three shows in row.  I have been throwing lots lately, and almost 1000lb are gone since February. Once the festival starts, I have only enough time to fire whatever I sold from bisqued inventories and some.  My fingers on the left hand are screaming for the first time.  Getting old, as my friend potter says. I almost the done for throwing, expect small casseroles, berry bowls, candle holders, ring holders and slab plates.  Well, maybe another week .   Spring is almost here.  Winds are gusting up crazy last couple days, and hopefully settle down soon.

bowls hodakapotteryBisque and bowl

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