Snow in April


Snowing hard today.  It is April, and this is really depressing after all this snowy winter…  Come on.

I threw my hips last week while mincing onions.  Go figure.  I went to see my chiropractor, and he re-arraigned everything, and my left fingers.  Now the left finger’s pain is back after three days.  I now something related to my spine or nerves.  Maybe the time pay a visit my doctor, maybe next week.  I am going to glaze for next three days, and firing.  So I will be off from the wheel for 5-6 days.  That would be good rest for my fingers.  Will see.

As for Japan, the earthquakes continue.  This is very unusual to have this many a day almost one month after.  The area of epic center is expanding, so the massive movement by the original earthquake left lots of strains to surrounding area.  Fukushima nuclear plant.  I am still folowing the news conference everyday.  I do not think we found anything what going on around the reactor after one month, but massive radiation so nobody can access. This is going to be a long contamination to the world.  I am sorry.


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