Stomy night

We had a severe thunderstorm last night, and knocked down the tree.   During the wind and downpour, I went out to close the umbrella on the patio, and noticed the tree laying there. As we saw it from the outside, it landed on our cars. My thought, not the front hood of van again, a week before the show…  I slowly pruned the branches and releasing the cars from them, and finally be able to the pull back.  We are surprised to learn there aren’t even any scratches on both cars. It took us three hours to clear around the parking space, and decided to end the day. We need to hire some professional. But, in all we are very lucky, the tree does not damage anything. If it came down 10 inches in left or right, it was the different story.


I had another good firing and there were no seconds, two in rows.

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