Macbook liquid spill repair

If you ever spill liquid on the macbook and broke it, I highly recommend Expert Mac Repair in Washington DC. Our daughter spilled water in March while she was in Abu Dhabi, and brought home a broken mackbook. It did not turned on at all.  We sent out the mac on Friday, and received the repaired Mac on Monday.  Oliver, from the Expert Mac Repair, updated us almost minutes by minutes, and repaired it to the perfect working condition, just over the weekend. He was the third repair shop we tried.  First two recommended to replaced with the brand new motherboard, $800-1000 cost. One of therm actually further damaged the board while trying to repair.  We were not informed about the mishap, of course, until Oliver notified us.  even though, he continued to repair it.

We had another wonderful weather last weekend at the Corn Hill Arts Festival.  Hot day was in forecast, and people started buying while I was setting up around 9am (show started at 10am), and most of sales was done by 2pm (show ends at 6pm).  The next up is the Syracuse Arts and Crafts festival in three weeks.

The airshow is in this weekend, and Blue Angles are practicing today, and I had a very good seat in front of the wheel.


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