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A Happy New Year 2012

December was the 6th fewest snowfall in the record.  I have not seen this much ground in December ever since I lived here.  It is great not necessary to shovel the snow, especially my arm is still not great.  I went the acupuncture last week, and it feels a lot better now.  I threw some pots the first time in more than 10 days or so, and the arm started hurting a little. I have another appointment tomorrow.

I was afraid of going to the acupuncture, and postponing for while.  My wife and daughter went a couple years and told me about the hundred needles, and laying on the bed for a long time.  That kind of freak me out.  I went a different acupuncture place, and he used about a dozen, and hooked two needles for electronic pulse Massager.  It was not bad at all.  Will see.

Hope 2012 will be productive and interesting year, for me and you!




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