We went to NYC over the weekend to visit our daughter. This was my first Amtrak ride to NYC.  It took 7 hours (350 miles).  I was pleasantly surprised its smooth ride.

At the Modern Art Museum, it was free night on Friday.  Toward the end of the floor between Picasso, Monet, Chagall, the whole floor started filled with foul smells, like feces. It was extremely disappointing, but we needed to seek the exit as everybody covering the nose. We were not sure the exactly what happening, but found Occupy Wall Street demonstrator on the second floor and shouting with the same smell. Someone said why they chose the free night, most of visitors came because it was free night.  Wrong audience. (or target)

We visited the 911 memorial, it was well done, even thought it is still construction in progress.  I visited the World Trade Center, before 911, right after the 911, and a couple years ago.  I still remember the big hole exposing the subway track.  It was now transformed into the two fountains, and there were new building constructions around the site.

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