September already

I had the Clothesline Festival last weekend, that concluded the busy summer show season. This was the hardest summer ever.  I had two shows cancelled or suspended due to the wind storm.  At the Clothesline Festival, the organizer announced that the 60 mph winds are approaching in 20 minutes, and advise to close up the tent and look for the shelter.  I have never moved that quickly to pack loosely everything in the containers, and closed up the tent.  I did in 15 minutes.  The winds came, fortunately we missed the center of the the storm. The wind got 30-40 mph and flipped up a couple tents. My twenty some years old tents withstood the wind, but the sidewall flaps too much against the shelves.  I was not comfortable at all during the storm.  This may be an indication for a new canopy.

This was the hottest summer, especially in June and July.  I am not sure where I made the schedule mistake, but I was always behind the schedule this summer, that lead to the glaze firing in last minutes.  My studio has the bisque and glaze kiln in the same room,and I can’t fire the same time due to the heat.  I really need a new space soon….

Lots of things to think about…

Thank you very much for all customers come to see me.

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