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Warm compost in use

It has been almost one year since I started the warm compost. I opened the bin and to remove the compost for the first time.  I was surprise to see all bedding (paper) was gone.  There were significantly more warms than last year.  I realized I might underfed them recently.  Anyway, these composts were spread… Continue reading Warm compost in use

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Windowsill planter

This is a new item for this year.  My friend in the building asked me to make it, and I like it.  I have been using it for growing scallions on my kitchen windowsill. This is a perfect.  Do you remember the red worm compost?  I am still doing it.  It is very slowly growing… Continue reading Windowsill planter

Red worms

The red worm composting started a month ago, turned unexpected problem.  Somehow hundreds of small flying bugs hatched in the bin.  Google searches suggested the red-vinegar trap for the fruit flies.  It did not catch any.  Anyway, I picked up all red worms one by one, and restarted the bin today.  I can’t find 250… Continue reading Red worms

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Worms are here.

I got worms yesterday by the priority mail. They are packed in a video cassette size priority mail box.  They are alive, but not active at all.  I prepared the compost bin with extra plastic container laying around for the craft shows. Drill bunch of holes on the bottom, and put an air hole with… Continue reading Worms are here.