Mug week

Last several years, I set a week in February as “mug week”, and make just mugs, three to four dozens a day. Making mugs is rather a time consuming process for me. More mugs I threw, more I get efficient. The size and the shape are much more uniform this way using the same batch… Continue reading Mug week


I worked the Business Research at Kodak Japan. Yes, I used to wear a suit and tie. Kodak just announced another layoff, 1300 people locally, in Rochester, NY. Twenty two years ago, when I first came to Rochester, people told me that if you throw a stone, you hit a person related to Kodak. Employed… Continue reading 500 BOWLS

Kiln unloaded

I dodged the bullet, so to speak. One third of the kiln was under-fired slightly, that the thermostat and cone were indicating . The kiln was stalled and the wind started to make me nervous at that time. I was more worried about the bad oxidation and glaze crawling , but most pieces were fine.… Continue reading Kiln unloaded

First glaze firing of 2009

First firing of 2009 is done. I offer the sake and salt to the kiln god for the first firing of the year. I decided to fire the kiln yesterday despite the winter storm warning, while trusting the weather man again, he said, “the wind is not the issue today.” Wrong! The wind started gusting… Continue reading First glaze firing of 2009

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We had a spring-like weather today. I visited Clayscapes Pottery and Eureka Crafts in Syracuse. It is a little over one hour drive from Rochester. I highly recommend Clayscapes Potterty if you are in need of pottery supply. Owner, Don is knowledgeable and goes miles to accommodate your needs. They set aside the batch of… Continue reading Syracuse

First bisque of 2009

Finally the first bisque of 2009 is on the way. I made some progress last week, mugs, sake sets, chip & dips and platters. Studio has been very toasty hot, which was good thing as we had really frigid weather. We already have more snow than last year too. Here is one of platter I… Continue reading First bisque of 2009


Coal ready to deliver to RGE’s power plant “Russell Station”. I have signed my pottery with “Hodaka” and the year I produced after trimming except first couple years. Sometime I bump into own pot at an unexpected place , and look at the bottom to see how old it is. Most of time I can… Continue reading Signature

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Happy New Year !

Happy New Year ! Wish you all have a wonderful and prosperous 2009. Well, back to wheel. I better start thinking about festivals and shows ahead. Applications are soon to be due, and this is the time I really need to build up my inventory. Once in June, I can only fill what sold a… Continue reading Happy New Year !

Dinner Plates

Throwing dinner plates today. Four pounds of clay stretches to 12.5” wide plates. It will shrink to 10.5” after the glaze firing. I spend some time to compress the center of plates using the wood and metal ribs to prevent a center of plate from heaving as it dries. I like the plates with notches… Continue reading Dinner Plates

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