A Happy New Year 2012

December was the 6th fewest snowfall in the record.  I have not seen this much ground in December ever since I lived here.  It is great not necessary to shovel the snow, especially my arm is still not great.  I went the acupuncture last week, and it feels a lot better now.  I threw some… Continue reading A Happy New Year 2012

One thousand

We had a great turnout at the building wide open house, and had wonderful time at the Awaken studio open house last weekend. My Etsy sale reached 1000.  I did not expect this four years ago.  I started the Etsy in November 2007.  I stumbled upon the Etsy while googling the other potters, and found… Continue reading One thousand

Stomy night

We had a severe thunderstorm last night, and knocked down the tree.   During the wind and downpour, I went out to close the umbrella on the patio, and noticed the tree laying there. As we saw it from the outside, it landed on our cars. My thought, not the front hood of van again, a… Continue reading Stomy night

Unusual sighting

Driving to the studio today,  I saw the  fright car parked over the bridge.  It looked like the airplane body.  It was turbine blades for the  wind power. The fright car looked very long.  It was a very unrealistic view.  Great to know someone is building the wind farm. Fired the kiln yesterday.  I peeked.

Snow in April

Snowing hard today.  It is April, and this is really depressing after all this snowy winter…  Come on. I threw my hips last week while mincing onions.  Go figure.  I went to see my chiropractor, and he re-arraigned everything, and my left fingers.  Now the left finger’s pain is back after three days.  I now… Continue reading Snow in April

Japan Day – Disaster Relief in Buffalo

Japan Day – Disaster Relief Japanese Group of Buffalo (JGB), in partnership with International Institute of Buffalo (IIB), will be holding a fundraiser to benefit earthquake/tunami victims in Japan. 100% of proceeds will go to Japan Society’s Earthquake Relief Fund in NYC, which works with on-the-ground organizations in Japan in their relief efforts for the… Continue reading Japan Day – Disaster Relief in Buffalo


I found this sign in my building. Well, 20 days past after the earthquake in Japan. My families and friends are all right.  It was very hard to separate myself even being in US. I was glued to the Japanese television through the internet.  It was great to get that kind of feeds, which was… Continue reading Fallout

Teapot 10 & 11

Snow is melting quickly.   I still feel stiff, but am going to be all right. There teapot are made this week.  Try different shapes.

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