I hit a deer today.

It was like a deer falling from the sky.  I was driving a kind of business road around noon, the deer landed on the front hood of the van, and moved toward the windshield and flew away.  I saw her flew about 50 feet through the rear view mirror.  I have a stiff neck right… Continue reading I hit a deer today.

Ready to fire

I went the dentist for a pea-side blister on the gum next the molar, and he extracted the molar being infected a week ago.  I was just shocked he said to extract it since I did not have any discomfort or bad taste in the mouse.  It was  like the moive, Marathon Man  for the… Continue reading Ready to fire

Firing done

Nice day to fire. Almost no winds. Opening the kiln on Friday.

Spring open house

I got the clay delivered today.  Moved around almost 3000 lb of clay and materials.  I am so tired. Studio open house conjunction with the building wide HUA Spring Studio Tour: Friday, May 7th, from 6-9 Saturday, May 8th, from 10 – 3

Dog and bone

We tend to give some table scrap to our 4lb yorkie. Last night, we gave a piece from a rack of lamb, about 2 inch. He usually play with it. But he swallowed it as we watched.  I thought it was too big to swallow. Then reality set in. My wife said to google.  So… Continue reading Dog and bone


Mug week. Made 8 dozen large mugs this week. I put handles on 7 dozen mugs yesterday, and remaining a dozen today.


Firing is done. Gorgeous sunset today.

Twenty years

Who ever thought? I have lived in US for twenty years today.  It was very fast twenty years. Do I want to go back to Japan to live?  No!  I do not think like Japanese way anymore. Moreover, Japanese society has changed last twenty years, and I will be lost there.   I used to miss… Continue reading Twenty years

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