Weather and firing

Sunset and rainbow, kind of interesting looking sky. (Lowitz Arc?) Today is very calm day. I feel spring is almost here. TI planned to glaze fire tomorrow, but decided to postpone to the weekend. Weather, again. I have been checking four different local weather forecast, which forecasting from 6-10 to 25-30 mph wind depending on… Continue reading Weather and firing

First bisque of 2009

Finally the first bisque of 2009 is on the way. I made some progress last week, mugs, sake sets, chip & dips and platters. Studio has been very toasty hot, which was good thing as we had really frigid weather. We already have more snow than last year too. Here is one of platter I… Continue reading First bisque of 2009

New Year’s Eve

We had unseasonably warm (61 F!) and very windy weather over the weekend. A couple feet of snow are gone. Studio got lots of dirts blown from the wall cracks. I bought a shop vac and wound up cleaning the whole wheel area. We do not want any brick chips contaminating the clay. It was… Continue reading New Year’s Eve

Jomon ware

Yard has been busy lately. Two switchers. It was good firing. Got good reduction all around the kiln. I am really getting close to firing the kiln properly in this studio. About the time. Here is a new platter out of the kiln. This design is influenced by Japanese Jomon pottery, 10,000 years old. I… Continue reading Jomon ware


Snowing at hard over the yard. Second bisque done. All plates and others are ready to be glaze for next two days. Glaze firing on Thursday depending on the wind.

Reclaiming clay

After trimming, clay is recycled to use. Here is how I do. I collect scrap clay from trimming into a plastic bag the clay and let it dry out . Then, I filled the bag with water, soak well. Then I pour it over the plaster table for drying. One day per one side. I… Continue reading Reclaiming clay


This is my studio overlooking CSX yard. I enjoy watching these colorful and different freight trains while throwing the clay. The yard was very busy this summer until last month. It seems the number of freight cars have been dramatically down since October. Sign of the economy, maybe. The studio is located in Hungerford building,… Continue reading Studio

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